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It Goes Where?

the NEW sex snark community
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All Members
The purpose of this community is to

  • Blow off steam from the stupidity in the sex communities

  • Point and laugh at the stupidity in the sex communities

Do NOT troll in the sex communities. It's okay to laugh aloud and point out the stupidity to your friends. It is NOT okay to comment unproductively or be nasty in any way in those communities. This community has a no-tolerance policy for trolls.
You may link to a FO or public post in another community. However, you may not transcribe a FO post word-for-word. Summaries are okay.
No chat speak, no mocking your fellow snarkers, and no trolling here.

Membership is moderated. I will not be allowing in any sock-puppet journals. Posting is unmoderated and all members can post. That is all.